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How To Know Baby Is Full?

As we all know, baby can’t express his feeling via words. So how to know whether he is stuffed or not. Here are some ways to help your judgment.

Sometimes we can get baby’s messages from their expressions or body language instead of words.

  1. Normally, so excited the baby is when catches the sight of the delicious food. They will cry for it once he can’t get it. However, after he has already been stuffed, he can’t concentrate on it any more. And the noise such as the knocking of the door, the ring of telephone, the sound of the traffic will easy to interrupt him. This is the signal that baby is full.
  2. Baby became quiet than before. The delicious food can’t appeal to him any more. This is also the signal that he is already tired of having lunch.
  3. Playing with spoon, hands, bowl, or f...
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Why Children Extremely Have No Appetite in Summer?

In summer, a great many people have no appetite, especially the children. So the mom always considered the high temperature is the mail reason. Generally, human skin needs to make body cool, because the weather is hot. So the more blood will work under skin, and then the less is in stomach. Finally, the function of digestion will be influenced. So human, generally, will have no appetite.

Besides temperature, lacking of nutrition is the main reason.

Why it is easy to lack of nutrition in summer?

In summer, in order to make body cool, Children will drink more water. Thus a great number of nutrient substances, such as Ga, Vitamin B1, B2, Potassium and so on, will be taken away by sweat. And then with the vicious circle, people’s digestion will be more week.  

How to deal with it?

  • To eat ...
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5 Ways to Teach Baby to Eat By Himself


A great many new moms were confused by how to teach baby to eat by himself. Some naughty babies always like to run away when their moms begin to feed them. Here are some tips for your reference.

  1. Baby Lunch Chair is superior to the other chair

Baby is so energetic that he can’t calm down to ready to eat. And refuse to put on the bib. Therefore a baby lunch chair will successfully confined him. Perhaps he will struggle at the beginning, but what you need to do is to insist that.

  1. Keep far away from TV and toys

Baby can’t focus on eating if the TV or the toy is in front of him. Thus it is difficult to help him make a good habit for eating.

  1. Change Kids’ diet

If you have already began to feed the solid food to the baby, the most important is to cook the different delicious food f...

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