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What are Your kid Thinking When in a Panic and How to Boost his Confidence?

In a strange environment, some kids will be extremely excited, but others will in a panic. What confuses them is they don’t know why mom and dad would leave him alone. Or they have no idea about what should he do and how the stranger will treat him.

We are all experienced that no matter how you encourage him at that moment, it doesn’t work.

So when he is in a panic, what should parents try to help them jump out of it.

  1. Don’t complaint about him instead of trying to understand his feeling of panic.

Rome was not built in a day. For young kid, you are the sunshine of his life. You are his whole world. If you just complaint about his timid, you will lose confidence to do anything. So try to understand his panic and the loneliness that social anxiety bring about.

  1. Deal with the problem to...
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How to Make Sure the Safety of Your Kids When Go to Zoo

One sea lion, in Canada Steveston port, attacked a girl while human being was feeding it. This incident received a great deal of attention in the world. Many parents, who are in a panic, doubt that whether take their kids to zoo or not.

There are a variety kinds of animals in the zoo, where a majority of children really want to go there. So how to make sure the safety of the children while go to the zoo?

It is very necessary to conform to the rules of zoo. Here are some ways to play in the zoo.

  1. Observe the animals carefully

Be a guide to introduce the different characters of various animals and teach them to observe the characteristic of different animals. For instance, the most obvious trait of elephant is its nose. Try to explain the function of its nose.

  1. Listening carefully

When yo...

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Sitting Posture will influence Children’s attention

A survey by USA teacher shows that the sitting posture will influence toddler’s attention. In his kindergarten, he found out that a great many toddlers who are so active that can’t sit on the chair well are difficult to fix their attention to listen to teacher. And most of them have this problem which their posture of sitting is bad. Some are leg stretch, other are 4 figure sitting, or locking ankles.

So why the sitting posture will influence children’ attention?

The expert said that lacking of enough oxygen in brain will result in losing concentration. Your body can’t open your lung entirely once have a bad sitting posture. And then your breath will go down so that there is no enough oxygen to body and brain.

Therefore, it is necessary to keep your toddler sitting well...

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4 Bad Habits should be Abandoned

Some bad habits which get into before 3 years old will do influence on his development. So parent should pay attention to that if you baby has the following bad habit. Try to help him to abandon it as soon as possible.

  1. Lose his temper

In 3 years old, your toddler has got his own mood. Sometime he will cry for something what he needs. If you cannot satisfy him, he will lose his temper, such as crying, screaming, breaking the bowl. A great many parents were confused by that. Actually, we still have no effective method to deal with it. A lot of parents attempt to ignore it or change another topic. If you have the good idea, please share it in the comment. Thank you very much.

  1. Got everything what he wants

Some toddlers have passion on grabing other’s toy...

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What should you do When You Kid Likes Keeping Up with Joneses?

As we all know, sometimes, you kid will cry for something which other peer owns. “Mom, I want the transformers”, “Dad I want the spider man as Peter”, he exclaimed. As a human being, we can’t avoid that envy other’s success, wealthy, or beauty. But one thing you do remember. Is it the one you really love it or just envy your peer? So how to teach your kid and persuade him not to keep up with Joneses?

  1. Try your best to communicate with him equally.

What you need to do firstly is to crouch in front of him. He will feel being respected for he can look you straight ahead. Thus relatively he will be easy to take your suggestion into consideration.  

  1. Don’t compare your kid with his peer

It is not suggested to compare your kid with his peer who is temporarily superior to him...

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It is Dangerous to Leave Kid Alone inside the Car

Sometimes what parent regards it safe is to leave his kid alone inside the car when they are busy. It should be taken seriously. It is extremely dangerous to do that for the inside temperature, especially in summer, will go up rapidly, so the kid will be easy to out of breath and heatstroke.

Threaten his life once leave him alone inside the car

It is difficult to get the fresh air into the car for the well-sealed and what’s more, the design of the car is tiny. The left kid will be out of breath sooner. If he is struggle severely, or crying, the kid will lose his life.

Here are some tips for this emergency.  

Parent should keep alert and teach kid how to ask for help once this incident was occur.

  1. Never leave him alone inside the car, even you are quite busy in doing some emergency.
  2. For ...
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Solving Communication Problem

Many parents has experienced that your child is an optimist at home, but a silence of the lambs outside. There are so many reasons.
Have you wondered how to encourage them to communicate with others outside? Here are some tips for your reference.
1. Make opportunity for him to make friends
If your baby have trouble in making friends, you should encourage him to join in some activities or games. For instance, invite him to entertain the guests at home, visit your friend with him, and encourage him to play with his peer.
2. Show your encouragement instead of blame
Once he is shy in front of the strangers, do not blame him immediately. If you done, he will be depress about himself. What’s more, he will refuse to communicate next time...

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How To Teach Baby To Crawl

Learning to crawl is the milestone of your baby’s development. A great number of babies begin to crawl between 6 -10 months old. Some babies will older than that, for they have no idea how to support their bodies with hands. Therefore, parents can learn the following skills to help them.

  1. Try to train his arms’ strength

Around 3 month, he is about to lift and support his little head. Let him lie down on the ground covering with cushion. Parents can use some attracted, interested or colorful toys to catch his sight. Thus it is benefit for him to develop his head control. When he lie down on the cushion, you can put his arms under his tummy, and help him to use his arms to support his body.

  1. Help him learn to crawl

At the beginning, you raise his body, and help him to crawl slowly...

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Child Like To Sleep In. Be A Wakeup Call To Yelling At Him?

A great number of children prefer to sleep in in the morning, and sometimes, accompanied with some severely bad mood. Parents are confused by such annoyed children got up on the wrong side of the bed. Some parents can’t hold their temper, therefore, they will yelling at them, hit them, or with horrible noise. Of course, your children has already got mad. They will wake up crying. So it is difficulty to be a gentle wakeup call.

Here are some tips to wake up your child effectively.

  1. With the slow music

When your toddler still lie in the bed, but it is time to go to school, you can attempt to choose the slow music, for instance, piano music. Slow music and the low voice can make him a harmonious environment. He has no excuse to lose his temper.

  1. With the delicious breakfast

Put ...

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4 Tips To Help Toddler To Defeat Frustration

Tell them what is exactly brave

Commending your child with brave is superior to other words, such as beautiful or smart. So how to explain what is exactly brave? For instance, if he is afraid of failing doing something, but he did it after you encourage him. You can praise him for his behavior and explain that this is brave.

Don’t give him a hand in haste

When your child failed to finish the work, don’t’ give him a hand in haste. Now let’s show you an illustration. One toddler failed to catch his rolling ball, yet, his parents will go ahead to catch it and pass it to him. Obviously, you did help him get the ball, but you make an illusion for him whatever he can’t finish, mom or dad will give him a hand...

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