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Why Baby Grinds His Teeth While He Is Asleep

Some babies will grind their teeth while they are asleep. So normally baby moms will concern about it why.

Do you know what it is to grind his teeth while asleep in the night. It is one symptom which the upper and lower teeth will unconsciously grind each other while he is asleep in the night. But he didn’t suffer any pain from it. Although it has no harm to baby’s teeth, it has bad influence on periodontium. Here are some reasons why baby will suffer from it.

  • There is no balanced diet during baby’s teething. Without enough vitamin D and feeding solids in time, it will has a bad influence on the development of baby’s teeth. Some will result in improper development of the upper and lower teeth, dentognathic deformity , and so on. So it is easy to grid teeth in the night.
  • If baby h...
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Shocking! This 6 Years Old Toddler has Double Teeth

We were astonished to learn that this 6 years old toddler has double teeth in his mouth. What does it go wrong? After consulting the pediatrician, he advised the toddler to have it extracted. As the baby tooth don’t fall down by itself, it will increasingly hinder the new tooth to develop.

So what did it happened? Why these mistakes occur?

The truth is that he had no opportunity to use his teeth. His teeth start appearing between 4-7 months of age. In the 6 months old, he will begin to have solids. However, his mother was concerned about his little and fragile baby tooth will get hurt once he is chewing the solid food with them. So she is keeping feeding him with the chopped food.

After a long period of time, although it is helpful to digest, his tooth has lost the opportunity to harden...

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When Your Baby Can Discard The Paper Diaper

Actually, there is no exact time for the different development of babies. A great number of babies in 2.5-3.5 years old can tell parents when they want to pee. However, about 20% still have bed-wetting until 5 years old.

So how to train them to go to rest room?

  1. It is not suggested that train him early, for the muscle of bowel movement will develop enough until 18 -24 month.
  2. You can have a training after 1.5 years old. In this time, he can catch the information from others.
  3. Try to buy a lovely little carry potty which he regards it as his toy.
  4. If you are available, you can attempt to find the regular pattern of his bowel movement. For instance, he need to pee once wake up. You can take him to the carry potty when he wake up.
  5. Imitate other babies from the cartoon...
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Child Like To Sleep In. Be A Wakeup Call To Yelling At Him?

A great number of children prefer to sleep in in the morning, and sometimes, accompanied with some severely bad mood. Parents are confused by such annoyed children got up on the wrong side of the bed. Some parents can’t hold their temper, therefore, they will yelling at them, hit them, or with horrible noise. Of course, your children has already got mad. They will wake up crying. So it is difficulty to be a gentle wakeup call.

Here are some tips to wake up your child effectively.

  1. With the slow music

When your toddler still lie in the bed, but it is time to go to school, you can attempt to choose the slow music, for instance, piano music. Slow music and the low voice can make him a harmonious environment. He has no excuse to lose his temper.

  1. With the delicious breakfast

Put ...

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Baby and Baby Mom ,Don’t Panic When You Baby Fall Off

Maybe you are never less than two steps from you baby, yet some unforeseen incidents still happened. How to deal with such accidents once the baby falls off a desk or a chair and so on?

  1. Don’t say good boy to him and hold him up hurriedly

While your baby falls off the desk and drop on the floor, what your first reaction is to hold him up. Actually, the best way is to observe the response of him carefully. Some obvious injuries? His face is looked rather green or white? His cheek begin to twitch or not? Some parts of his body got hurt and can’t move? If everything is ok, you can hold him up carefully.

  1. No need to concern about him if his behavior is normal, except the short crying. It means it is wounds, rather than the severe head injury.

Baby stop crying with 15 minutes after hea...

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World Sleep Day: Solve The Sleeping Problems Of Your Child

Sleeping Problems

The sleeping problems are different for the different age baby. The Central Nervous System (CNS) of the baby in 2-4 years old doesn’t grow. So they often experience bed-wetting, excessive sweating, and night terror in the night. And for the 4-10 years old, they are influenced by abnormal sleeping gesture, grinding their tooth, breathing with mouth and so on.

So solve the sleep problems of the baby is very emergent. We should make effort to help them solve these sleeping problems.

Regular Sleeping

Firstly, we need to know what is regular sleeping. Baby spend about 10-18 hours in sleeping. The toddler will spend same time as adult.  Normally newborn need to sleep 14-18 hours a day. However, the newborn cannot last 4 hours on the sleeping for he doesn’t feel relax.


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Shocking!Family decoration painting could cause leukemia to children

Shocking!Family decoration painting could cause leukemia to children

Data statistics from hospital shows that,children who suffer from leukemia,90% of their family had the decoration to their house with painting in the past year.The oil painting pollution is the reason to the fatal disease leukemia.

In fact, there are 2 kinds of painting material. one is water-base painting, another is oil painting. Normally,water-base paint is 20% higher price than oil paint.So consider of the cost, some family will chose oil painting as their decoration material. Also the wall which use oil painting is more beautiful than water-base painting.however the water-base paint now is improving.

In 2016,the price of raw material to the paint industry had increase a lot,causing the rapidly improvement of the pain...

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