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How Can You Help To Prepare Your Children For School?

Is your child ready for the school? Normally, in the city, the children who are 3-4 years old would start to go to kindergarten. As parents, there are so many things you can do at home to help your kid to ready for the kindergarten.

  1. Buy children stationery
  2. How to teach your child to master life and social skills

Buy children stationery

Shopping children’s stationery with him will make him excited. He can choose what he likes, and what he wants. Thus, with his favorite stationery he will be more satisfied and easier to accept to go to school.

Which kinds of stationery will be welcomed by children? The colorful and adorable style will be their favorite one.

Recently, Disney Company launch a series of children stationeries which draw much attention from the parents and the kids...

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How To Choose Toys For Your Kids?

All parents have experienced that spent so much on the toys but kids just leave them alone. You must be disappointed about that and have no idea to choose the right toys for your little one.

So how can you buy the right toys for your kids? Now we are going to make a guide for all parents. This guide is base on kid’s different features in different ages. We also get the experience from our friends. After reading this guide which combine kidology with experience, it can help you to save some money.

  1. For 1-3 years old
  2. For 3-6 years old
  3. For 6-12 years old

For 1-3 years old

Do you know why toddler, in about 1-3 years old, would like the commodity than their own toys? The feature of toddler’s psychology can explain it.

The psychology characteristic of the toddler is:

  • Their thinking is conc...
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How to Choose the best Bookshelf For Kids?

As kids’ parent, you are probably confused about that how to lead your kid to read a variety of books. So a cute and attracted bookshelf is very important.

The normal style of the bookcase is very clumsy. And in this atmosphere, a great numbers of kids have no any interest in reading.

However, a creative style will make a harmonious atmosphere which can attract kids to stay there.

So we created this guide to help to choose the best bookshelf for your kids.

  1. How to choose the bookshelf and how many kinds of bookshelf?
  2. How to decorate the kid’s bookshelf?
  3. Which books can you place on the bookshelf?
  4. Where should you place the bookcase?

How to choose the bookshelf and how many kinds of bookshelf?

Personal tailor

You can tailor the design to meet your kid’s request...

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This Flight Ticket Evader is A 4 Years Old Girl!

We perhaps heard the story about train or bus ticket evader. To our surprise, one 4 years old girl was a flight ticket evader in Beijing Capital International Airport on July 16, 2017. On the flight of Beijing to Shanghai, this incident have caused panic of all the passengers. They needed to have a security inspection again and this aircraft has been delayed for about 5 hours.  

As we all know, the level of the airport’s security checks is very high. So how this 4 years old freeloader can pass the security check successfully? Yes, it is her parents. The little girl maybe had no idea about that she was making a mistake. It is an unforgettable incident in his life. But her parents were still to lead her to make it. After that, she and her parents perhaps regarded this was a failed action...

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Why Young Child is Easy To Attack Other?

Do you have a naughty baby who is easy to attack other in your home? Once he is not satisfied with everything, he will attack you, his mom, or other peer. It is difficult to deal with it for the baby is too young to understand what is right. The toddlers who are about 3 years old, relatively tend to attack other people. Here are 3 reasons for these phenomenon.

  1. They are too young to express their feeling.

For instance, it is common that the little children are easy to fight for the toy in amusement park. When one child is stand in the row for the game, another one suddenly attend to stand in front of him. So the child will upset and push the “intruder” out. No doubt they are begin to fight.

Reason: Actually, the child have no any idea to attack others...

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How to Do When Your Child Lie?

A great number of parents are confused about that how to deal with it when child lies. Hit him or punish him? Sometimes blame and punishment will result in that children lie more than before and the skill is more clever. Here is one example. Caral and his child made an agreement that he can’t play IPAD during Monday to Friday, but he broken the agreement. This mommy worked overtime these several days. After backed, she found out that this little guy still not finish the homework, and broken his promise to play the IPAD. What makes Caral upset is he refused to admit what he did and lost his temper. So what should Caral do? If Caral lost her temper and punish him, maybe he will make a conclusion that next time he should be more clever. Thus he can’t be exposed.

Actually, from the data, ...

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How To Know Baby Is Full?

As we all know, baby can’t express his feeling via words. So how to know whether he is stuffed or not. Here are some ways to help your judgment.

Sometimes we can get baby’s messages from their expressions or body language instead of words.

  1. Normally, so excited the baby is when catches the sight of the delicious food. They will cry for it once he can’t get it. However, after he has already been stuffed, he can’t concentrate on it any more. And the noise such as the knocking of the door, the ring of telephone, the sound of the traffic will easy to interrupt him. This is the signal that baby is full.
  2. Baby became quiet than before. The delicious food can’t appeal to him any more. This is also the signal that he is already tired of having lunch.
  3. Playing with spoon, hands, bowl, or f...
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Why Baby Grinds His Teeth While He Is Asleep

Some babies will grind their teeth while they are asleep. So normally baby moms will concern about it why.

Do you know what it is to grind his teeth while asleep in the night. It is one symptom which the upper and lower teeth will unconsciously grind each other while he is asleep in the night. But he didn’t suffer any pain from it. Although it has no harm to baby’s teeth, it has bad influence on periodontium. Here are some reasons why baby will suffer from it.

  • There is no balanced diet during baby’s teething. Without enough vitamin D and feeding solids in time, it will has a bad influence on the development of baby’s teeth. Some will result in improper development of the upper and lower teeth, dentognathic deformity , and so on. So it is easy to grid teeth in the night.
  • If baby h...
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Why Children Extremely Have No Appetite in Summer?

In summer, a great many people have no appetite, especially the children. So the mom always considered the high temperature is the mail reason. Generally, human skin needs to make body cool, because the weather is hot. So the more blood will work under skin, and then the less is in stomach. Finally, the function of digestion will be influenced. So human, generally, will have no appetite.

Besides temperature, lacking of nutrition is the main reason.

Why it is easy to lack of nutrition in summer?

In summer, in order to make body cool, Children will drink more water. Thus a great number of nutrient substances, such as Ga, Vitamin B1, B2, Potassium and so on, will be taken away by sweat. And then with the vicious circle, people’s digestion will be more week.  

How to deal with it?

  • To eat ...
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The Baby who prefers to imitate will be more clever

It is said that the baby who prefers to imitate others’ behavior will be more clever. So when they will begin to imitate and how to guide him to imitate.

  1. When the baby will set out to imitate others’behavior?

Normally, you will discovery that your 6 months old baby really enjoys imitating from you. For instance, if you knock on the door with some rhythm sound, he will manage to do it with curiosity.

Actually, newborn was born with the ability to imitate something new. When you are feeding him with the command, he will open his mouth waiting for the delicious food. You will find out that you  indicate him to open mouth while you give him the command. This is the sign that baby learning from you.

  1. How to guide him to imitate?

Inevitably baby will learn some bad behaviors from the p...

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