What Myopia Pregnant Should Pay Attention to?

What is myopia pregnant?

Myopia pregnant is someone who is nearsighted during the pregnancy. For the high myopia, there are so many things to worry about. For instance, high myopia pregnant would worry about that will it be genetic with her baby. Does her vision will be change during pregnancy? Can she wear contact lens? What kind of eye drops can use? Can she have eye make-up?

Take several minutes to read and learn everything you have to know about the myopia pregnant.

During the period of pregnancy, what can pregnant eat and do?

  1. Sunshine is good for the development of retina.
  2. Eat more food which contain vitamin.

  Vitamin A: Which food can contains vitamin? Carrot, Leek, Spinach, Egg yolk. Without Vitamin A, some women will experience dry eye during the period of pregnancy.


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How to Eat and Drink When Pregnant Is Giving Birth in Maternity

All the expectant who have no experience would concern that how to drink and eat in maternity. Normally, the expectant need to wait about more than 24 hours for giving birth, especially the first child. The time is so long during the time waiting for delivery. Giving birth to a child is labor. Therefore we suggest that having some food to save your energy.

Some expectant will have no any stomach to eat anything for the devastating pain. And what’s worse, some pregnancy stomachs will turn over. So we suggest that having some food who is easy to digest, such as biscuit, noodle, chocolate and so on.

So how to eat?

1. When you have already entered in the maternity, the earlier the best. Because the uterine contraction is not so strong. You can take it easy to eat some food.

2. Don’t eat ...

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Drinking Coffee is Bad For The Health When In Pregnant

Coffee is one kind of popular drink among people’s life. It can make someone excited. However, it is not benefit to the pregnant. Because caffeine which is the main ingredient of coffee can cause palpitations and headaches. Expectant had better to stop drinking, for the excessive caffeine will do harm to the development of the baby. What is worse, some will result in abortion.

What problems will cause if drink more coffee?

  1. You can’t fall asleep in the night.

Caffeine is something which can accelerate your heartbeat , metabolism, and make you can’t fall asleep in the night. As we all know, having a good rest is not only for your body’s health, but also the baby in your stomach.

  1. Drinking excessive coffee will result in losing Ga

There is no any value in the coffee and it will resu...

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Can Pregnant Women Swim in Summer?

In the past, there is no swimming when you are expecting a baby. Actually, it is beneficial to the expectant with the ready water temperature. But you have to consult with your doctor before you are setting out to have a swimming if it is the first time to do it. And the temperature of the pool water should be not warmer than 32 degrees. Here are some advantages to swim.


  1. With the support of the buoyancy, expectant’s dorsal muscles and psoas will feel relax. Because it help to support the heavier gravid uterus.
  2. It helps to boost pregnant heart and lung function
  3. Benefit for the development of the baby
  4. Keep a healthy body shape and especially for the recovery after giving birth.
  5. Have a good sleep after having a swimming

What should you need to be prepared?

  1. The temperature of...
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Be a Diligent Laborer when you are Expectant Mom?

When you are very close to delivering your baby, should you still be a diligent bee in doing housework? Doing some exercise is benefit for the health of the expectant, rather than the overwhelming housework. Sometimes the mighty housework will do harm to your baby. Here are some kinds of housework which expectant should keep far away from it.

  1. Do not to carry the heavier things

Some expectants always consider that it is a piece of cake for her to carry everything, even the heavier things. A great many expectant moms, who are fond of shopping by themselves, often carry the bags with a note of triumph. However the shopping had tired her. Actually such a monstrous piece of negligence will be dangerous to her baby. Seriously, such behaviors will cause abortion or premature birth...

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