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Why Baby Is Easy to Falling Down From Bed

Sometimes, if parent leaves for a while, babies, toddlers are easy to fall off beds or high chairs. We all know that parent will be in a panic or scary at that moment. But don’t worry. Although baby is still too small to know the danger, we can try our best to protect him with some baby protectors. Here are some great informations for you.

What parents can do to protect him from hurting?

Why baby will be easy to fall off bed or high chair?

How to do when your baby falls down?

What parents can do to protect baby from hurting?

Baby Bed Rail

Baby Bed Rail can prevent your baby from falling off the bed. But you need to choose the one is strong enough to keep baby safe.

Crib Netting

If your baby have no his own crib, you can buy crib nets...

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Why Baby Will Smile When He Is Asleep

Do you discovery that sometimes your newborn will smile when he is asleep. It is really funny. But do you know why he will have this adorable behavior?

The function of his brain is not totally developed.

His brain is in earlier stages stages of development, so the various function wasn’t developed yet. Therefore, there are two kinds of sleep. One is rapid eye movement sleep, the other one is deep sleep. When baby is on the rapid eye movement sleep, some different expressions will on his face, and sometimes accompanied by sound. You may doubt that whether it is good for his health or not. Actually, there is no need to worry about that, because it is beneficial to his health.

When your baby can make the dream?

It is said that the baby, who is about 8 months in mom’s tummy, can make dream...

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Which Sleeping Posture is good for Baby?

A great many of new moms are confused by the sleeping posture of their babies. Every sleeping posture has its pros and cons. The most important is to keep baby safety.

  1. The Corpse              

Pros: good for mouth and nose’s breath

Sleeping on your back have been considered the best sleeping posture traditionally. It looks comfortable, for it distributes weight evenly throughout the body, without putting stress on any specific area. And baby’s nose will not be covered by the pillow or bedsheet. It is beneficial for his breath.

Cons: If baby vomit milk from repletion, easy to be out of breath

It is not safe to sleep on back, for newborn is normally easy to vomit milk...

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Three Methods To Deal Wth Baby Kicking Quilt

A great number of new moms are experienced that baby kicks quilt in the midnight or when your eyesight is away from him. You can’t focus on him every minute, but you are worry about him.

Here are 3 methods to solve this problems.

  1. Sleeping bags

A sleeping bag is a good ideal method to avoid baby getting cold in the midnight for kicking quilt. The comfortable design should be taken into consideration when you are prepared to buy it.

  1. The indoor temperature

You can try to set the temperature of your bedroom in 20 degree. Thus, baby will less kicking quilt in such comfortable environment. If you want to check it whether cold or not, try to touch his back instead of his little hands.

  1. Don’t choose the heavy quilt.

Some parents will make a mistake that the heavy quilt can avoid baby kick...

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To Help Your Baby Make A Good Sleep Habit

For every newborn’s parent, they must be confused by the baby’s bad sleep habit. Their newborns would suddenly cry in the midnight when all the world is quiet. The asleep parents have no choice to wake up to comfort the baby. Sure, the parent must feel crazy.

The bad sleep habit of the newborns will be bad for their health, and yours. So it is necessary to teach your baby to sleep.

Firstly, you need to make a plan to reset the body clock of baby. Try to wake up the baby in the morning, when the parent has already wake up. And keep doing at the same time every day morning. Expose him to the light and activity. This behavior will make the baby body to remember the first clock.

The baby is easy to tire after playing too high...

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