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The Best Time to Start Weaning Your Baby

Breastfeeding is beneficial to the development of infant, but for the different necessary in different age, baby mom have to start weaning your baby.

Normally, the best time to start weaning is during the 8-10 months old. A great many baby moms try to wean in about the 4th month, for they have to work. It is not suggested that wean the baby in the 4th month, because the breast milk is superior to other. Nothing can replace it.

  1. Why have to wean?
  • After one year old, the breast milk can’t supply the needs of the baby’s development. What’s more, the worse is likely to get sick, such as rickets, anemia or has no appetite, and so on.
  • Baby is set out to teething, so it is the time to feed the solids. Weaning is a milestone for the development of baby...
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How to Wash Baby’s New Clothes?

The expert said that we should wash the new cloth before we are set out to dress it. Because there will have some chemical products, such as formaldehyde on the cloth. Sometime, we will get a strange smell from the cloth. Maybe it comes from formaldehyde. If the workers who were in the factory didn’t clean it, the harmful substance will gradually hurt you.

So how to wash it?

  1. Wash it with the water

You can let it soak in the water with salt about half an hour. And then wash it again by the pure water. The formaldehyde can partly dissolve in water. What’s more, it can be disinfected by adding salt.

  1. Dry it under the sun

It is difficult to wash the winter clothes, such as the quilted jacket or feather dress. So you can try to hang it under the sun for about several days...

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Which Sleeping Posture is good for Baby?

A great many of new moms are confused by the sleeping posture of their babies. Every sleeping posture has its pros and cons. The most important is to keep baby safety.

  1. The Corpse              

Pros: good for mouth and nose’s breath

Sleeping on your back have been considered the best sleeping posture traditionally. It looks comfortable, for it distributes weight evenly throughout the body, without putting stress on any specific area. And baby’s nose will not be covered by the pillow or bedsheet. It is beneficial for his breath.

Cons: If baby vomit milk from repletion, easy to be out of breath

It is not safe to sleep on back, for newborn is normally easy to vomit milk...

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How to Trim Newborn’s Fingernails?

It is extremely difficult to attempt to have a nail clipping for baby. They often struggled fiercely or lose his temper. So how to deal with it?

  1. Seeking chance

The best time is when he is asleep. Otherwise it is really tough for he is so active and the fingernails are too small.

  1. Keep the light bright

Try to take advantage of the bright light. We note that the color of his fingernail is so close to his skin. If you are a mom with poor eyesight, his fresh skin may be hurt.

  1. Using the professional nail clipper for baby

It is suggested that trim baby’s fingernails by the professional baby nail clipper, for the usual one which fit for adult will be easy to hurt him.

  1. Try to cut his fingernails along the curve of the fingers

The shorter, the worse...

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Is it need to Trim Newborn’s Fingernails?

Maybe baby mom will doubt that is it necessary to trim newborn’s fingernails? Once baby mom attempts to have a nail clipping for baby, he always struggle fiercely or lose his temper. What’s more, we can’t force him to finish it completely. However, if you were choosing gloves to protect his face from scratching by his face, his fingers will be hurt seriously out of your surprise. Here is a news about one baby, who is in eastern China, needed to have an operation to cut his fingers for wearing gloves. His mom had no sense of danger at all before she had the baby to wear gloves. Now she is very regret.

Baby mom should pay attention to that no attempt ever to have your baby wear gloves.

  1. Touching anything by his hands is a good way for him to know this world...
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Why Baby Refuses to Drink Milk Suddenly?

Have you ever experienced that your baby refused to drink milk suddenly? We all know that milk always has a strong appeal to baby. So why baby will say no to milk?

Here are some reasons for baby exceptionally refuse milk besides he got sick.

  1. Milk-disliked period

Baby will less concentration on drinking milk in 4-5 months old. Here is the signal for milk-disliked period.

How to deal with it?

  • No need to force him to drink a bottle of milk.
  • Find a quiet place where baby is not in the least perturbed while baby is prepared to drink milk.
  • Seek a good chance when baby is sleepy.
  • Try to do more exercise with him, so that he will have a good appetite to drink milk.
  1. Too early or too late to feed solids

Baby will lose passion to drink milk once have the solids too early...

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Why Baby’s Breath is Bad?

All of us are surprised that why baby has bad breath. We are barely heard of it besides the adult’s. So what causes this phenomenon?

  1. Tooth decay or gum disease

We note that you did not clean up the baby’s mouth after the meal, so bacteria sticks to food debris in the teeth. Over a long period of time, it will cause tooth disease with bad breath.

  1. Diet problems

Indigestion will also cause bad breath, for the food can’t be digested in the belly. What’s more, eating chili, sugar or garlic will cause this problem too.

  1. Intestinal disease

If your baby has already eaten the food which were infected by the bacteria, then it will result in the intestinal disease, thus will bring about the bad breath.

How to deal with baby’s bad breath?

  1. Mom should make sure that baby’s dish are regu...
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How To keep Baby Safety In Bathroom

Babies always don’t have the concept of safety. They may easily get injuries in different places. To protect your baby,parents should pay more attentions.The edge of the table should be covered by foam bumper. The corner of the chair should be packed by foam bumper too. But in the bathroom,there will be other ways to keep baby safety.Compare with the lobby,baby don’t come to bathroom often.

There are tips to keep baby safe when in a bathroom.

1.non-slip mat in bathroom.

Bathroom is wet environment,not only for baby,also for adults. Wet environment can easily cause slip and fall.

Remember to cover the lid of potty,if possible lock the lid.Put water cushioned over the water faucets.

2.Put away Toilet cleaner and personal care tools.

Most families put toilet cleaner near the potty, if you ha...

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Three Methods To Deal Wth Baby Kicking Quilt

A great number of new moms are experienced that baby kicks quilt in the midnight or when your eyesight is away from him. You can’t focus on him every minute, but you are worry about him.

Here are 3 methods to solve this problems.

  1. Sleeping bags

A sleeping bag is a good ideal method to avoid baby getting cold in the midnight for kicking quilt. The comfortable design should be taken into consideration when you are prepared to buy it.

  1. The indoor temperature

You can try to set the temperature of your bedroom in 20 degree. Thus, baby will less kicking quilt in such comfortable environment. If you want to check it whether cold or not, try to touch his back instead of his little hands.

  1. Don’t choose the heavy quilt.

Some parents will make a mistake that the heavy quilt can avoid baby kick...

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Newborn Got Intracranial Hemorrhage By His Father for Interrupting Daddy’s Nap

We got angry about this new which in Northern China one dad hit his two-month-old son for interrupting his nap. Unbelievable, this man lost his temper at that moment. When the infant was sent to hospital, he is already got hurt seriously.

A great number of new parents were confused by baby crying, especially an endless cycle of wake-ups in the night.

So how to deal with it?

An infant, in the first month, spend almost 20 hours in sleeping a day, and they still have no ability to make a distinction between day and night. So parents can attempt to make them understand when it is daytime and nighttime. For instance, in the morning, you can open your curtain, exposing your baby in the soft day light...

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