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Amazing! This baby deliver himself in the Cesarean

Cesarean is very popular in modern life. A great deal of expectant moms choose to cesarean by surgeon helps for they are unable to give birth naturally.

But this baby boy deliver himself in the cesarean. This video of natural cesarean draw a great deal of attention in the You Tube.

In the video clip, the pregnant mother is laying on the operating table. The surgeon has already made an incision on the womb, and helps her baby son’s little hands out of her abdomen. In that moment, the baby boy twist his little hands. Oh, this baby want to go out of his mommy’s belly. So the doctors stop, and let the baby finish the rest of the job. This process takes about several minutes. And the mom was lucky to witness this birth. Incredibly, it is the “natural” cesarean.

But some peoples doubt th...

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