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What should you do to fly with baby?

Have you ever experienced that flying with your baby or toddler? Are you confused about that? Don’t worry. Here are some insider tips will help you have a good travel.

How old your baby can take the plane?

How to buy the baby’s ticket?

How to protect her ears?

Be polite and show your apologies to other passengers.

How to diaper with her?

How old your baby can take the plane?

Normally, if both baby mom and baby are healthy, you can take the journey at two weeks old. Some people will take her baby to fly sooner than this. However, we suggest that you can cancel it if it is not very necessary.

How to buy the baby’s ticket?

In some scheduled flight, the baby’s ticket is limited. So try to confirm the reservation in advance. Window seat in a row of three is the best choice...

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Is it need to Trim Newborn’s Fingernails?

Maybe baby mom will doubt that is it necessary to trim newborn’s fingernails? Once baby mom attempts to have a nail clipping for baby, he always struggle fiercely or lose his temper. What’s more, we can’t force him to finish it completely. However, if you were choosing gloves to protect his face from scratching by his face, his fingers will be hurt seriously out of your surprise. Here is a news about one baby, who is in eastern China, needed to have an operation to cut his fingers for wearing gloves. His mom had no sense of danger at all before she had the baby to wear gloves. Now she is very regret.

Baby mom should pay attention to that no attempt ever to have your baby wear gloves.

  1. Touching anything by his hands is a good way for him to know this world...
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How To keep Baby Safety In Bathroom

Babies always don’t have the concept of safety. They may easily get injuries in different places. To protect your baby,parents should pay more attentions.The edge of the table should be covered by foam bumper. The corner of the chair should be packed by foam bumper too. But in the bathroom,there will be other ways to keep baby safety.Compare with the lobby,baby don’t come to bathroom often.

There are tips to keep baby safe when in a bathroom.

1.non-slip mat in bathroom.

Bathroom is wet environment,not only for baby,also for adults. Wet environment can easily cause slip and fall.

Remember to cover the lid of potty,if possible lock the lid.Put water cushioned over the water faucets.

2.Put away Toilet cleaner and personal care tools.

Most families put toilet cleaner near the potty, if you ha...

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Newborn Got Intracranial Hemorrhage By His Father for Interrupting Daddy’s Nap

We got angry about this new which in Northern China one dad hit his two-month-old son for interrupting his nap. Unbelievable, this man lost his temper at that moment. When the infant was sent to hospital, he is already got hurt seriously.

A great number of new parents were confused by baby crying, especially an endless cycle of wake-ups in the night.

So how to deal with it?

An infant, in the first month, spend almost 20 hours in sleeping a day, and they still have no ability to make a distinction between day and night. So parents can attempt to make them understand when it is daytime and nighttime. For instance, in the morning, you can open your curtain, exposing your baby in the soft day light...

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How to Clean Baby Feeding Bottle

Here are some key points for baby moms to clean baby feeding bottle.

  1. Within 6 month

You have at least taken it in high temperature disinfection every 24 hours for the baby is still extremely weak to against the bacteria and virus. You have better done it again if you didn’t use the bottle in the past 24 hours.

  1. After 6 months

At this time, you can clean the bottle with boiled water, because the baby is stronger than before.

  1. Using cleaner frequently to wash the bottle is not a good ideal method. Sometimes we cannot avoid the residues which comes from it.
  2. Baby feeding bottle is consist of bottle and nipple. You had better to disassemble it and wash it with the brush.

The last but not at least, sometime it is necessary to replace the new one for you repeatedly put it in the high temper...

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Some Guides To Choose The Ideal Baby Stroller

How to choose an ideal stroller confuses a lot of expectants and baby parents. They often consult so many experienced moms and manage to buy an ideal stroller for her baby.

There are about 2 kinds of the baby-carriage.

One is for the 1-6 months old infant. It’s Infant Stroller

Actually, the need of the baby stroller for the age of the 1-6 months old is to sleep or have a nap in the daytime. Because they are too small to have a stroll outside.

The other one is for the 7-36 months old baby

It is relatively useful for baby during this age. Some baby mom regards it as infant dining car. Putting him into the baby stroller can feed him solids effortlessly.

Some tips to choose the an ideal Baby Stroller

  1. The bigger wheel is superior to the small one. It can defend the shaking in the rugged road.
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What Mom Need To Do When Baby Is Teething

What’s the symptoms of the teething baby?

Teething is something painful for the baby. Accompanied by crying, being easily irritable, a slight fever, headache and loss of appetite. And he usually act like a doggy, bit anywhere, anytime, and anybody. As parents, you must have an enormous worries about them. So what can you do to soothe the little one?

Wipe their dribble on the mouth with a soft and warm handkerchief.

The skin of baby’s mouth is easy to be irritated, and sometimes the bacteria will cause rashes when the first teeth appears. Mom can attempt to wipe his mouth dribble softly. Using the warm handkerchief can avoid the skin being irritated. However if the wound get worse, mom need to go to see a doctor.

Gum Swelling

Parents try to wipe hie gum softly by the gauze with cold wa...

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What Newborn Can See and What He Like To See

What Newborn Can See?

Your newborn starts to communicate with you beyond crying. So do you know what he can see and what he like to see? Maybe you say no. You can’t capture anything from his innocent eye sight.

Usually, the development of the infant’s eyesight system is quite fast. He can keep pace with the moving slowly objects when he is 1 month old. In 6 months old, the ability of the infant become stronger. The colorful things can stimulate infant’s eyesight. And infant usually is attracted by the colorful toys in the dull room.

No need to worry about the colorful thing will do harm for their eyesight but the lamp with strong light.

What Infant Like To See?

  1. Newborn has a passion for observing other’s face...
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Infant Massage

Infant massage was proved to be of great benefits for infant’s health. Massaging can help infant to sleep. When the parent is using her hands to massage the baby, the temperature of the hands will make baby feels more intimate to his parent. It can make a good relation with the baby, relieve the tummy colic, digest, and improve baby’s immune system. In the last decade, infant massage has already been popular among the developed countries, such as United State and Australia, and so on.

When to Start the Massage

Baby parents do remember that don’t take the massage before a meal or after. Try to find out a good time when your baby is quiet and have a good mood.

Make a Preparation

Squeeze a little infant massage oil out and have a test on the baby skin...

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Why Babies Cry and How to Make Them Calm Down

We have all experienced that sometimes the babies will cry suddenly. The parents will comfort him a little. But the baby seem as if get out of control. “My godness, what should I do?! Can you shut up?!” The parents exclaimed. It makes the parents confused. Because they don’t know how to get the exact information about hunger, pain, scare, feeling uncomfortable,and so on,from the babies.

There are some most common reasons for the learner to find out why the babies cry.

  1. When the baby cry, he may feel hungry.

The infants can’t express what he needs through the word. Here are some signs. The baby put their hands into the mouth frequently or compress his lip. These signs should be taken into consideration. You maybe need to feed the baby.

  1. If their stomach is full of the gas, he will ...
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