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Salt, Sugar, Soy Sauce, And Vinegar Should Avoid In Baby’s Solids

It’s not suggested that add any seasoning to baby’s solids within 12 month. And for the baby in 1-3 years old, we had better not add any salt in his food. Because the excessive salt will bring a Varity of bacteria and virus in their month. What’s more, it will break the balance of nutrition, for the excessive salt will partly stop the absorption of zinc.

A great number of new moms have already noted about the salt, but how about other seasoning, such as oil, sugar, soy sauce and vinegar.

Actually, they also have a bad influence on the baby health.

  1. Vinegar

Don’t disregard vinegar. Eating vinegar will stimulate baby’s taste buds, resulting a descent of taste sense.

  1. Sugar

If baby is often tempted to eat sugar, he will have no appetite at all.

  1. Oil

The right amount of oil, with ...

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Baby, It Is Time To Drink Water

Babies can’t tell their moms when they want to drink water by words. So when should moms need to feed water to their little one?

  1. Lick his lip frequently

If your baby licks his lip frequently, especially the smile is on his face while he catches the sight of the water, it means he feels thirsty.

  1. The time of pee decreases

If there has been a decrease in the times of his pee obviously, and moreover, the color of his pee become yellow, it is time for him to drink water.

  1. No appetite

It’s very important to keep a balance in drinking water. The more, the poor appetite will get. The less, the same. Because the secretion of digestive juice will be reduced for insufficient supply of the body water, and then the function of the digestion will be influenced.

  1. There is no tear when baby is cr...
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Joint Pain after Childbirth

Baby moms usually will experienced that it is easy to suffer joint ache, especially after doing exercise. Therefore a great number of baby moms doubt that whether they should do the exercise or not. Some moms even worry that they will get disabled one day.

Here are some tips to protect your body joint.

  1. Keep the balanced diet. Baby mom can attempt to eat the different kinds of food which keep the food bland.
  2. Training your muscle to protect joint

For instance, you make an endless cycle of holding the little one in your arm. You will discover that the muscle of your arms will be stronger than before. This is to protect your arm’s joint. Thus, try to do some strength exercise.

  1. Warming up

No matter what exercise you are prepared to do, please do remember to warm up.

  1. Weight reduction


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How To Train The 8-9 Months Old Baby To Crawl

Crawling is the first step for the baby to learn how to walk. Here are some suggestions for you training your baby.

Giving your hand to him

The learner has no idea to support his body by his hands and foot, and his little tummy is always keeping down close to the bed. Thus, you can hold his stomach by your hands and raise his little belly up. Firstly, his hands and foot can partly support his body. And then get him on the move.

Crawl forward mom

An attracted object, in front of him, will arouse his pleasure to get close. Mom can attempt to stand in front of him, and encourage him to crawl forward you. For instance, you can make a hug motion, and tell him you want to give him a hug.

Crawling forward his toy

Put his toy which with the sound, and attract him to do his effort to crawl forwa...

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Breastfeeding Or Not, When Mom Suffers From A Cold

What confused the moms, who suffer from cold or other diseases, is to breastfeed baby. They are naturally afraid that it will infect her baby.

A recent study conducted by La Leche League International (LLL), shows that HIV positive mothers may breastfeed, in a right way, without infecting their infants. So do a majority of diseases.

Cold or Flu

There is no need to wean, for the breast milk, containing immune factor, can partly protect the infant from suffering disease. You can breastfeed the baby first, if you have to take the medicine. And stop to breastfeed until half an hour. Mom do remembers not to breathe toward infant and take the mask.

Food poisoning (diarrhea or vomit)

Once mom has trouble with diarrhea or vomit, drink more water instead of hurriedly weaning, because the slight ...

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3 Kinds of Foods Can Help Baby Getting Healthy Tooth

These kinds of foods are beneficial for baby tooth to grow up. Having a healthy baby tooth can help the growth of maxilla facial, for when chewing by the baby tooth, it will stimulate the muscle of maxilla facial to develop.

  1. Water

No matter what your little one eat, drinking some water is a useful solution to swill most of oral residue. If the bacteria sticks to the food debris in the teeth, no doubt, it will cause decay

  1. Milk product

Calcium, coming from milk, yogurt and cheese, as we all know, plays an important role in the growth of teeth. Meanwhile, Ca is a good way to stop the calcium phosphate compound to dissolve by decreasing the acid generation.

  1. Dietary fiber food

The dietary fiber of the vegetable can sufficiently remove plaque and food debris in the teeth, avoiding decay...

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What The Baby Can See In The Different Age?

You, as newborn mom, would be confused by what baby can see and how to train his sight. After consulting the materials from AAP and AOA, we bring it into conclusion.

What the baby can see in the different age?

  1. During 1 month

What he can see is within 20-30cm;

What he fancy to observe is human face;

What kind of photo he is interested in is the colorful or black and white picture.

His little eyes, at that age, have ability to follow the moving objects which is in front of him.

  1. During 1-3 month

His eyes, gradually, can catch the sight of the moving substances, not only what is confined in front of him. Moreover, he can identify the objects and family surrounding easily .

  1. During 4-7 month

It is piece of cake for him to distinct the different shapes and colors, and his eyes have grown...

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How to Lose Weight in Breastfeeding Period

The mothers with new born were easy to gain weight in breastfeeding period. Is there any side influence, you may wonder, on the breastfeeding to the baby? However, you are really dreaming of dropping the annoying fat. Here are some suggestions for your weight reduction.

  1. Make a healthy balanced diet

Eating less was supposed to be a good way. But if you were trying to do that incorrectly, the nutrition of breastfeeding will be cut down. New moms can attempt to make a balanced diet, for instance, having high protein but low heat food, such as fish and lean meat, nor fatty meat. Some foods which can stimulate the breast milk should also be taken into consideration, like bitter gourd or whole wheat foods.

  1. Seize the opportunity

The cesarean moms can take the action to lose weight after 3 mon...

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These Symptoms Maybe Is The Autism Awareness Before 3 Years Old

April 2, 2017 is the World Autism Awareness Day. Nowadays, a great deal of children gradually tend to be autism, sometimes without being aware of doing so. Nor the parents. If parent can’t uncover it early, the intelligence of them will fall down, and have a bad influence on their whole life.

Some signs of the baby in 2-5 years old

  1. Lacking of like-minded friends. They always immerse in their own life, no any expression to you when you and his dad try to make him smile or do some funny behaviors.
  2. No communication with others. Sometimes he is used to silence, beyond speaking of a handful of words or imitating other’s words. No vivid sentences or question mark as other children in the same age.
  3. Don’t like to imitate other’s sounds and movements, facial expressions. What’s more, they...
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How To Identify The Drooling Of The Baby Is Healthy Or Not

The newborn has no enough ability to swallow the mouth water as adult. So the newborn is always a dribbler and needs a bib. Normally they will stop dribbling until 2 years old. If they are still drooling, you must take him to see the pediatrician.

You should keep alert about the following symptoms.

  1. The excessive drooling accompanied by angular stomatitis. Maybe he got sick of salivation resulting from the angular stomatitis.
  2. Baby refuses to be feeding frequently and have canker sore. It is the salivation caused from the canker sore.
  3. If the dribbling baby was born with a mental deficiency, maybe it is the result of the brain nervous system dysgenesis.

If the baby have can’t stop drooling, and accompanied with these symptoms, you must take him to see the doctor as soon as possible.


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