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How to Choose Baby Sun Cream?

As parents, you are probably not sure it is safe or not to use sun cream in such little baby. American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that baby who is under 6 months is not allow to be exposed under the hot sun. The above 6 months need to apply sun cream to protect their skin as well as sunhat for it is too tender to be damage by the hot sun especially between 10:00am-4:00pm. Without any skin protect product, the sun’s ultraviolet will not only damage baby’s skin, also the eyes.

It is very necessary to use baby sun cream. But it will also hurt baby’s delicate skin, if apply the wrong sun cream. So how to choose the sun cream for your baby? What should you take into consideration? We create this shopping guide for all baby moms.

1. Sun protection for your baby

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How to Guarantee The Safety Of Swimming Baby

Swimming is one kind of popular activity in summer. And there are also a thousands of advantages to take your baby to swimming pool. But several days ago, a video, which one toddler in China, about 2-3 years old, drown in the swimming pool was draw a lot of attention. In the video, sadly nobody noticed the drown girl until the 72 seconds. Fortunately, she was survived in the last second. It is ridiculous! There was no anyone aside in this public swimming baby pool. No safe measure or workers. Just the baby played in the water alone. The safety is very important if you decide to take her to swim. So baby parents should make a preparation before taking your baby to swim. Here are some suggestions for you. After reading it, you will be an expert to teach your baby to swim.

What kinds of babi...

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Walk In Bare Feet Is Benefit to baby’s health

In China, the elder said Cold is coming from the feet. Their meaning is that feet is the place where it is so easy to feel cold. So you have to keep the feet warm. Actually, it doesn’t make sense. Here are some advantages.

  1. Walking in bare feet will benefit for learning how to walk.

Baby can feel the ground when he walk in bare feet. The different material, hardness will stimulate baby’s brain. And this is beneficial to baby’s sense of touch. But when your baby begins to learn to walk, you had better to clean the floor. Because the skin of their feet is very fragile at the beginning. After they have already been used to walking on the ground, you can let him run everywhere.

  1. Expert said that walking in bare feet can reduce the opportunity to get the feet disease.

Without shoes, th...

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Child Suspended Study to Have a Sunbath in Daytime

Ming, a 7 years old boy in Wuhan, China, was suspended his study about 20 days by his mom for he need to have a sunbath in daytime. Ming suffered from an illness that have so much sweat during the  sleep time. After seeing the doctor, doctor said it is the result of lacking of vitamin D. Therefore, doctor suggested him to take more sunbath. So him mom made this decision although his dad was not agree to suspend his study. So basking in the sunshine is beneficial to children’s health. Some moms made a mistake that the sunshine will hurt baby’s skin. So she need to leave him indoor to protect him. Actually, it is obviously not suggested.

The benefits

As we all know, doctor always suggested that take more outdoor exercise, because it is the best way to keep the rickets away...

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Nail Biter will be easy to lead poisoning

Some baby moms were confused by their babies were nail biters. No matter what they are doing, they can’t help to bite their nails if their hands are available. We all know that it is a bad habit for it is really unhealthy.

What exactly is the nail biter?

It is a bad behavior that someone, most are the toddlers in about 3-6 years old, would like to bite their nails every time or everywhere. Some, but the minority, will make a recovery as they grow up .

Why toddlers like to bite nails?

A few kids get the habit from imitating others, nervousness or other personalities. Nail biting isn’t a big problem, but if kid can’t get rid of it, it will be an serious issue.

How to deal with the problem?

  1. Check it in hospital

Take him to the hospital if especially accompanied with some intense beh...

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What Can You Do Once Your Pet Scratches Baby

A great many families never fail to keep a variety of pets. As we all know, animal is a friend of human being. But sometimes inevitably the pet will scratch or bite your baby. Once your baby were infected by the bacteria, animal parasiteras or virus from animal, what can you do?

What should you pay attention to once keep the pet?

How to teach baby to get along with pet?

What can you do once your pet hurt baby?

What should you pay attention to once keep the pet?

  1. I know maybe your family would like to play with the adorable pet. In some family, they would sleep with his pet. Actually, expert said that it is not suggested to sleep with doggy, Cat, especially the baby.
  2. Have a shower to the doggy. Keep him clean. You can wash it with doggy shower shampoo.
  3. Clean the floor, carpet regularly...
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How to Wash Baby’s New Clothes?

The expert said that we should wash the new cloth before we are set out to dress it. Because there will have some chemical products, such as formaldehyde on the cloth. Sometime, we will get a strange smell from the cloth. Maybe it comes from formaldehyde. If the workers who were in the factory didn’t clean it, the harmful substance will gradually hurt you.

So how to wash it?

  1. Wash it with the water

You can let it soak in the water with salt about half an hour. And then wash it again by the pure water. The formaldehyde can partly dissolve in water. What’s more, it can be disinfected by adding salt.

  1. Dry it under the sun

It is difficult to wash the winter clothes, such as the quilted jacket or feather dress. So you can try to hang it under the sun for about several days...

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How to Trim Newborn’s Fingernails?

It is extremely difficult to attempt to have a nail clipping for baby. They often struggled fiercely or lose his temper. So how to deal with it?

  1. Seeking chance

The best time is when he is asleep. Otherwise it is really tough for he is so active and the fingernails are too small.

  1. Keep the light bright

Try to take advantage of the bright light. We note that the color of his fingernail is so close to his skin. If you are a mom with poor eyesight, his fresh skin may be hurt.

  1. Using the professional nail clipper for baby

It is suggested that trim baby’s fingernails by the professional baby nail clipper, for the usual one which fit for adult will be easy to hurt him.

  1. Try to cut his fingernails along the curve of the fingers

The shorter, the worse...

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Why Baby’s Breath is Bad?

All of us are surprised that why baby has bad breath. We are barely heard of it besides the adult’s. So what causes this phenomenon?

  1. Tooth decay or gum disease

We note that you did not clean up the baby’s mouth after the meal, so bacteria sticks to food debris in the teeth. Over a long period of time, it will cause tooth disease with bad breath.

  1. Diet problems

Indigestion will also cause bad breath, for the food can’t be digested in the belly. What’s more, eating chili, sugar or garlic will cause this problem too.

  1. Intestinal disease

If your baby has already eaten the food which were infected by the bacteria, then it will result in the intestinal disease, thus will bring about the bad breath.

How to deal with baby’s bad breath?

  1. Mom should make sure that baby’s dish are regu...
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New Moms will Make Such Mistakes.

  1. Clean nipple before breastfeeding

New moms are all experienced that set out to clean their nipples carefully before breastfeeding. Actually, we can’t avoid any bacteria in this process. In the infant’s first tasting of breast milk, his mouth had already began to touch the aerobic bacteria, which clings to new mom’s nipple. Don’t in a panic for such feeding plays an important part in the building of infant’s intestinal flora and starting his immunologic function up.

Note: No need to clean new mom’s nipple deliberately before set out to breastfeed. Unless sweat a lot. And please do remember to wipe it with the clean and wet towel rather than the wet wipes.

  1. Rely on using the wet wipes

The disinfectant composition in the wet wipes will enter into baby’s stomach and intestine wh...

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