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The Best Time to Start Weaning Your Baby

Breastfeeding is beneficial to the development of infant, but for the different necessary in different age, baby mom have to start weaning your baby.

Normally, the best time to start weaning is during the 8-10 months old. A great many baby moms try to wean in about the 4th month, for they have to work. It is not suggested that wean the baby in the 4th month, because the breast milk is superior to other. Nothing can replace it.

  1. Why have to wean?
  • After one year old, the breast milk can’t supply the needs of the baby’s development. What’s more, the worse is likely to get sick, such as rickets, anemia or has no appetite, and so on.
  • Baby is set out to teething, so it is the time to feed the solids. Weaning is a milestone for the development of baby...
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Why Baby Refuses to Drink Milk Suddenly?

Have you ever experienced that your baby refused to drink milk suddenly? We all know that milk always has a strong appeal to baby. So why baby will say no to milk?

Here are some reasons for baby exceptionally refuse milk besides he got sick.

  1. Milk-disliked period

Baby will less concentration on drinking milk in 4-5 months old. Here is the signal for milk-disliked period.

How to deal with it?

  • No need to force him to drink a bottle of milk.
  • Find a quiet place where baby is not in the least perturbed while baby is prepared to drink milk.
  • Seek a good chance when baby is sleepy.
  • Try to do more exercise with him, so that he will have a good appetite to drink milk.
  1. Too early or too late to feed solids

Baby will lose passion to drink milk once have the solids too early...

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Breastfeeding Or Not, When Mom Suffers From A Cold

What confused the moms, who suffer from cold or other diseases, is to breastfeed baby. They are naturally afraid that it will infect her baby.

A recent study conducted by La Leche League International (LLL), shows that HIV positive mothers may breastfeed, in a right way, without infecting their infants. So do a majority of diseases.

Cold or Flu

There is no need to wean, for the breast milk, containing immune factor, can partly protect the infant from suffering disease. You can breastfeed the baby first, if you have to take the medicine. And stop to breastfeed until half an hour. Mom do remembers not to breathe toward infant and take the mask.

Food poisoning (diarrhea or vomit)

Once mom has trouble with diarrhea or vomit, drink more water instead of hurriedly weaning, because the slight ...

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