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Should Newborn Need To Drink Water When Breastfeeding

When mom should help baby to drink water and how much water the baby need to drink is a big question which new parents encounter.

The supply of water is different in different month.

  1. In the first six months

There is no need to drink extra water except the breastmilk and formula milk.

  1. After six months

We also regard the breastmilk and formula milk as the main food for the baby. Sometime you can feed some water to him but not more than 50ml.

  1. After 1 year

You can set out to conduct him to drink enough water every day. They gradually need water in this period.

Some new moms normally doubt that baby can’t drink water in the first six months.

Actually, there is 90% of water in the breast milk...

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Feeding Solids To Baby Should Follow The Schedule One By One?

It is said that feeding solids to the baby in 6 months old is superior to under 4 months old. Food allergies, constipation or diarrhea will trouble him if feed solids to the younger baby, for their immune system and digestive system can’t overwhelm too many solids.

Actually, there are no hard and fast rule to feed solid, but we suggest that iron foods is the best choice when you begin to feed solids to baby.

In 6 months old, you can prepared some foods combined iron nutrition with tempting flavors, such as fruit puree, fish puree, vegetable puree, meat puree and so on.

In 7-9 months old, you can introduce some soft solids to the baby, for instance, chopped vegetables, chopped meat, egg or the noodle.

In 10-12 months old, the baby has ability to eat the normal solids food...

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Some Mistakes will Make When Introduce the Solids to Baby

Solids is not the main food for baby before his first birthday. Expert recommend breastfeeding until baby is at least 6 month old. . Because breast milk contains so much nutrition, especially the vitamin. After that, if the baby has a great of interests on food, moms can provide some fuss-free food for the baby. But don’t weaning so early.

Don’t weaning when introduce solids to baby

Breast milk contains enough vitamin than formula milk and the solids. Mom still need to keep breastfeeding every day. Breast milk’s nutrition will change naturally to satisfied baby’s body need in different periods. But solids can’t do that.

Do some fuss-free solids.

Solids was supposed to keep babies from hungry...

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Baby Food: Keep Far Away from Nuclear Irradiated Food

China revealed the nuclear irradiated food from Japan in Mar.15, 2017, the World Consumer Rights Day. This exposure received a great deal of attention in China. MUJI, the famous retail company in Japan, has a big market in China. MUJI has always no scandal, but now it was reported on TV that imported nuclear irradiated food to sell in China. These foods were sold in Walmart, Carrefour, Lotter, and so on.

The quality of Chinese life is raising, so more and more Chinese Parents would like to shop the imported food to the babies. But now all our parents were in panic for the unhealthy food.

We are no sure the nuclear irradiated food will cause the disease or not. But it must be unbenefited for the health.

Although a lot of the irradiated foods had been already put off shelves in many supermar...

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