Can Pregnant Women Swim in Summer?

In the past, there is no swimming when you are expecting a baby. Actually, it is beneficial to the expectant with the ready water temperature. But you have to consult with your doctor before you are setting out to have a swimming if it is the first time to do it. And the temperature of the pool water should be not warmer than 32 degrees. Here are some advantages to swim.


  1. With the support of the buoyancy, expectant’s dorsal muscles and psoas will feel relax. Because it help to support the heavier gravid uterus.
  2. It helps to boost pregnant heart and lung function
  3. Benefit for the development of the baby
  4. Keep a healthy body shape and especially for the recovery after giving birth.
  5. Have a good sleep after having a swimming

What should you need to be prepared?

  1. The temperature of the pool water is not warmer than 32 degree and not colder than 28 degree. Sometimes, the colder water will result in the preterm birth. The best time is during 10:00 am-2:00 pm.
  2. If you are new to swim, please check it with the doctor. Make sure you have the safeguard, thus you can have a swimming.
  3. Normally, in the 5-7 month, it is the best time to do the swimming exercise.
  4. Do remember to drink water in time after having a swimming.
  5. Try your best to choose the outside swimming pool with the sunshine.

When you are in the swimming pool, and feel uncomfortable, you should stop swimming and consult with your doctor.  

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