Breastfeeding Or Not, When Mom Suffers From A Cold

What confused the moms, who suffer from cold or other diseases, is to breastfeed baby. They are naturally afraid that it will infect her baby.

A recent study conducted by La Leche League International (LLL), shows that HIV positive mothers may breastfeed, in a right way, without infecting their infants. So do a majority of diseases.


Cold or Flu

There is no need to wean, for the breast milk, containing immune factor, can partly protect the infant from suffering disease. You can breastfeed the baby first, if you have to take the medicine. And stop to breastfeed until half an hour. Mom do remembers not to breathe toward infant and take the mask.

Food poisoning (diarrhea or vomit)

Once mom has trouble with diarrhea or vomit, drink more water instead of hurriedly weaning, because the slight enteric infection has no effect on the breast milk.

Diabetic mellitus

Actually, breastfeeding is beneficial for the moms with diabetic mellitus. And insulin molecule is too big to enter breast milk, therefore, mom can still insist to breastfeed you litter one.

  1. It is said that a great number of breastfeeding moms, with diabetic mellitus, feel better.
  2. Infant will less affected this disease after they has grown up.


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