Be a Diligent Laborer when you are Expectant Mom?


When you are very close to delivering your baby, should you still be a diligent bee in doing housework? Doing some exercise is benefit for the health of the expectant, rather than the overwhelming housework. Sometimes the mighty housework will do harm to your baby. Here are some kinds of housework which expectant should keep far away from it.

  1. Do not to carry the heavier things

Some expectants always consider that it is a piece of cake for her to carry everything, even the heavier things. A great many expectant moms, who are fond of shopping by themselves, often carry the bags with a note of triumph. However the shopping had tired her. Actually such a monstrous piece of negligence will be dangerous to her baby. Seriously, such behaviors will cause abortion or premature birth. So expectant moms should pay attention to it.

  1. Do not stand on the high place to get the things

It is dangerous to stand on the chair or the ladder to get what you want, especially stand on your tiptoe. Therefore the family members should place the daily necessity close to expectant mom. Or expectant mom should ask for help from other.

  1. Do not stand up longtime when cooking

Expert said that expectant mom can clean the table after having dinner or some simple housework. If stand up too long to cook, it will tired you up, especially in close to delivering your baby.

  1. Do bend you bow to clean the house

When you are setting up clean your house, do remember not to bend your bow. It will press your womb when you are bending your bow or crouching. And it also will lead to breaking the uterine wall. Thus it is bad for the development of the baby.

Therefore, expectant moms should pay attention to these, especially when you are about to close to delivering your baby.

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