Baby Food: Keep Far Away from Nuclear Irradiated Food

China revealed the nuclear irradiated food from Japan in Mar.15, 2017, the World Consumer Rights Day. This exposure received a great deal of attention in China. MUJI, the famous retail company in Japan, has a big market in China. MUJI has always no scandal, but now it was reported on TV that imported nuclear irradiated food to sell in China. These foods were sold in Walmart, Carrefour, Lotter, and so on.

The quality of Chinese life is raising, so more and more Chinese Parents would like to shop the imported food to the babies. But now all our parents were in panic for the unhealthy food.

We are no sure the nuclear irradiated food will cause the disease or not. But it must be unbenefited for the health.

Although a lot of the irradiated foods had been already put off shelves in many supermarkets and online shops, The MUJI Company has still stated that it is the mistakes. The foods were healthy and were produced in the place without nuclear irradiated.

But now we all are disappointed about it. No matter what it is the mistake or not, we will be more nervous about the baby foods.

The best way is to cook the baby food by yourself. Make sure to include enough nutrition like protein, iron, vitamin C and D in your baby diet. Apart from that, you can consult your doctor to make a daily menu.

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