Baby and Baby Mom ,Don’t Panic When You Baby Fall Off

Maybe you are never less than two steps from you baby, yet some unforeseen incidents still happened. How to deal with such accidents once the baby falls off a desk or a chair and so on?


  1. Don’t say good boy to him and hold him up hurriedly

While your baby falls off the desk and drop on the floor, what your first reaction is to hold him up. Actually, the best way is to observe the response of him carefully. Some obvious injuries? His face is looked rather green or white? His cheek begin to twitch or not? Some parts of his body got hurt and can’t move? If everything is ok, you can hold him up carefully.

  1. No need to concern about him if his behavior is normal, except the short crying. It means it is wounds, rather than the severe head injury.

Baby stop crying with 15 minutes after head injury.

He looks good and as normal after stop crying.

No nasty goose egg form on the head.

No obvious vomiting.

  1. If baby got these abnormal symptoms, take him to the hospital as soon as possible.

Keep crying for a long time

Vomit frequently

His arms or legs can’t move as usual.

A large blooding on his nose or ears.

It is difficult with balance on walking. And he constantly feels dizzy.

He begins to have lethargy, blurred or double vision.


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