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What should you do to fly with baby?

Have you ever experienced that flying with your baby or toddler? Are you confused about that? Don’t worry. Here are some insider tips will help you have a good travel.

How old your baby can take the plane?

How to buy the baby’s ticket?

How to protect her ears?

Be polite and show your apologies to other passengers.

How to diaper with her?

How old your baby can take the plane?

Normally, if both baby mom and baby are healthy, you can take the journey at two weeks old. Some people will take her baby to fly sooner than this. However, we suggest that you can cancel it if it is not very necessary.

How to buy the baby’s ticket?

In some scheduled flight, the baby’s ticket is limited. So try to confirm the reservation in advance. Window seat in a row of three is the best choice...

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How Can You Help To Prepare Your Children For School?

Is your child ready for the school? Normally, in the city, the children who are 3-4 years old would start to go to kindergarten. As parents, there are so many things you can do at home to help your kid to ready for the kindergarten.

  1. Buy children stationery
  2. How to teach your child to master life and social skills

Buy children stationery

Shopping children’s stationery with him will make him excited. He can choose what he likes, and what he wants. Thus, with his favorite stationery he will be more satisfied and easier to accept to go to school.

Which kinds of stationery will be welcomed by children? The colorful and adorable style will be their favorite one.

Recently, Disney Company launch a series of children stationeries which draw much attention from the parents and the kids...

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What Myopia Pregnant Should Pay Attention to?

What is myopia pregnant?

Myopia pregnant is someone who is nearsighted during the pregnancy. For the high myopia, there are so many things to worry about. For instance, high myopia pregnant would worry about that will it be genetic with her baby. Does her vision will be change during pregnancy? Can she wear contact lens? What kind of eye drops can use? Can she have eye make-up?

Take several minutes to read and learn everything you have to know about the myopia pregnant.

During the period of pregnancy, what can pregnant eat and do?

  1. Sunshine is good for the development of retina.
  2. Eat more food which contain vitamin.

  Vitamin A: Which food can contains vitamin? Carrot, Leek, Spinach, Egg yolk. Without Vitamin A, some women will experience dry eye during the period of pregnancy.


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How To Choose Toys For Your Kids?

All parents have experienced that spent so much on the toys but kids just leave them alone. You must be disappointed about that and have no idea to choose the right toys for your little one.

So how can you buy the right toys for your kids? Now we are going to make a guide for all parents. This guide is base on kid’s different features in different ages. We also get the experience from our friends. After reading this guide which combine kidology with experience, it can help you to save some money.

  1. For 1-3 years old
  2. For 3-6 years old
  3. For 6-12 years old

For 1-3 years old

Do you know why toddler, in about 1-3 years old, would like the commodity than their own toys? The feature of toddler’s psychology can explain it.

The psychology characteristic of the toddler is:

  • Their thinking is conc...
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How to Choose Horsemanship Equipment for Kids

Some kids are very crazy for the horsemanship. In their word, it is cool and amazing. For the new learner, the suitable equipment is very necessary. As we all know, safety should be taken into consideration firstly. For the new parent, they may be daunting to choose the appropriate products for their kids. So we are going to make this guide for the horse crazy kids.

  1. Riding Helmet
  2. Safety Vest
  3. Riding Breeches
  4. Riding Boots
  5. Riding Gloves

Riding Helmet

Normally, if you join the youth horsemanship, they maybe offer the helmet for you. Actually, we suggest that buy a suitable and comfortable one for your kids. Because their size sometimes is not suitable for you kids. So a clean and right helmet can allow him to learn to a leader for a horse seriously.

The high quality of the helmet has the f...

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How to Choose Baby Sun Cream?

As parents, you are probably not sure it is safe or not to use sun cream in such little baby. American Academy of Pediatrics suggests that baby who is under 6 months is not allow to be exposed under the hot sun. The above 6 months need to apply sun cream to protect their skin as well as sunhat for it is too tender to be damage by the hot sun especially between 10:00am-4:00pm. Without any skin protect product, the sun’s ultraviolet will not only damage baby’s skin, also the eyes.

It is very necessary to use baby sun cream. But it will also hurt baby’s delicate skin, if apply the wrong sun cream. So how to choose the sun cream for your baby? What should you take into consideration? We create this shopping guide for all baby moms.

1. Sun protection for your baby

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How to Choose the best Bookshelf For Kids?

As kids’ parent, you are probably confused about that how to lead your kid to read a variety of books. So a cute and attracted bookshelf is very important.

The normal style of the bookcase is very clumsy. And in this atmosphere, a great numbers of kids have no any interest in reading.

However, a creative style will make a harmonious atmosphere which can attract kids to stay there.

So we created this guide to help to choose the best bookshelf for your kids.

  1. How to choose the bookshelf and how many kinds of bookshelf?
  2. How to decorate the kid’s bookshelf?
  3. Which books can you place on the bookshelf?
  4. Where should you place the bookcase?

How to choose the bookshelf and how many kinds of bookshelf?

Personal tailor

You can tailor the design to meet your kid’s request...

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Why Baby Is Easy to Falling Down From Bed

Sometimes, if parent leaves for a while, babies, toddlers are easy to fall off beds or high chairs. We all know that parent will be in a panic or scary at that moment. But don’t worry. Although baby is still too small to know the danger, we can try our best to protect him with some baby protectors. Here are some great informations for you.

What parents can do to protect him from hurting?

Why baby will be easy to fall off bed or high chair?

How to do when your baby falls down?

What parents can do to protect baby from hurting?

Baby Bed Rail

Baby Bed Rail can prevent your baby from falling off the bed. But you need to choose the one is strong enough to keep baby safe.

Crib Netting

If your baby have no his own crib, you can buy crib nets...

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This Flight Ticket Evader is A 4 Years Old Girl!

We perhaps heard the story about train or bus ticket evader. To our surprise, one 4 years old girl was a flight ticket evader in Beijing Capital International Airport on July 16, 2017. On the flight of Beijing to Shanghai, this incident have caused panic of all the passengers. They needed to have a security inspection again and this aircraft has been delayed for about 5 hours.  

As we all know, the level of the airport’s security checks is very high. So how this 4 years old freeloader can pass the security check successfully? Yes, it is her parents. The little girl maybe had no idea about that she was making a mistake. It is an unforgettable incident in his life. But her parents were still to lead her to make it. After that, she and her parents perhaps regarded this was a failed action...

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Which Parents’ Traits will Hereditary To Baby?

As we all know, the expectant perhaps really like to guess which their traits can hereditary to their babies. Apparently, facial features and figure is the most obvious factor. So what about others? And which can parents choose?

  1. Height

It is said that 70% will hereditary their parents’ height. And in the daily life, other factors, such as the nutrition will also have effect on the development of height. Therefore, if parents are tall, the baby have 70% opportunity to be hereditary.

  1. Figure shape

Metabolic rate will be hereditary, and people who has low metabolic rate will be easy to get fat. Therefore, if parents ‘s figure shape belongs to the style which is easy to get fat, the little baby will be possible to be fat. And one of the parent is fat, so the baby has 30% to be fat...

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