5 Ways to Teach Baby to Eat By Himself


A great many new moms were confused by how to teach baby to eat by himself. Some naughty babies always like to run away when their moms begin to feed them. Here are some tips for your reference.

  1. Baby Lunch Chair is superior to the other chair

Baby is so energetic that he can’t calm down to ready to eat. And refuse to put on the bib. Therefore a baby lunch chair will successfully confined him. Perhaps he will struggle at the beginning, but what you need to do is to insist that.

  1. Keep far away from TV and toys

Baby can’t focus on eating if the TV or the toy is in front of him. Thus it is difficult to help him make a good habit for eating.

  1. Change Kids’ diet

If you have already began to feed the solid food to the baby, the most important is to cook the different delicious food for your little one. The delicious and his favorite food will lure him to sit in the baby lunch chair and wait for it.

  1. Don’t afraid of being dirty

As we all know, your little one will make a mess once he begin to eat by himself. Because they still have no idea to hold the spoon and some baby will consider the rice as another peculiar toy. So parent should try to be patient, no matter how dirty he will make. If you insist to teach him, you will discovery that one day he can eat by himself and be tinier than before.

  1. Don’t force him to do if he has no appetite

Sometimes, kid will also have no appetite on eating. Don’t worry, because it is normal. But do remember that never try to force him to do, and don’t prepare the snack for him until the next dinner. Don’t change the time of eating. Thus he will have his meal on time.

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