3 Kinds of Foods Can Help Baby Getting Healthy Tooth

These kinds of foods are beneficial for baby tooth to grow up. Having a healthy baby tooth can help the growth of maxilla facial, for when chewing by the baby tooth, it will stimulate the muscle of maxilla facial to develop.


  1. Water

No matter what your little one eat, drinking some water is a useful solution to swill most of oral residue. If the bacteria sticks to the food debris in the teeth, no doubt, it will cause decay

  1. Milk product

Calcium, coming from milk, yogurt and cheese, as we all know, plays an important role in the growth of teeth. Meanwhile, Ca is a good way to stop the calcium phosphate compound to dissolve by decreasing the acid generation.

  1. Dietary fiber food

The dietary fiber of the vegetable can sufficiently remove plaque and food debris in the teeth, avoiding decaying.

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